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Megan Fox Dishes on how She Drinks Machine Gun Kelly’s Blood



Megan Fox Dishes on how She Drinks Machine Gun Kelly’s Blood

In case you missed it, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly admit to drinking one another’s blood.  Though Fox swears the couple only drink a couple drops of blood and it is strictly for ritual purposes, the admission certainly raised some eyebrows.  In fact, the star couple got engaged with the consuming of one another’s blood.  Fox dished all the details of the blood rituals in a recent sit-down with Glamour UK.

A Bloody Good Time

Fox originally announced her engagement to Machine Gun Kelly along with the consumption of blood in a post added to her Instagram account earlier this year.  The post caused an uproar, especially among those in the medical community who frown on drinking human blood as it can lead to the transmission of an infection or a pathogen.  

Fox is now slightly backtracking on her original statement in which she stated she drinks Kelly’s blood.  Rather, the two consume a couple drops of each other’s blood as opposed to entire goblets of plasma.  Fox states the ritual passage aspect of the blood consumption is a component of her metaphysical practice in which she also reads tarot cards and engages in rituals based on the moon’s phases.

Fox Sheds Light on Kelly’s Psyche

When asked about Kelly’s willingness to consume and share blood, Fox noted that he is more haphazard about the process and that he would even be willing to cut open his chest using broken glass to offer his soul to her.  The celeb couple started dating in 2020.  

According to Fox, she has been manifesting Kelly’s type dating back to her childhood.  She even goes as far as insisting her manifestations and thoughts shaped Kelly’s psyche and personality.  Fox is convinced that she developed an invisible spiritual bond with Kelly in the years prior to their first encounter.

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