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Married Couple with 53-Year Age Gap Are Raking in the Cash on OnlyFans




Age difference, schmage difference. At least that’s what married couple Gary, 24 and Almeda, 77, seem to think. Not only are the two happily married, but they managed to spice up their marriage by joining the OnlyFans adult content website in 2020. 

In addition to adding excitement to their marriage, the platform also helped them earn extra income. Apparently, they’ve made enough to pay off their debts and buy a new car. They are planning to buy a new house next year. 

“We’ve always had an excellent, stable marriage so I wouldn’t say it improved our marriage, but making content for OnlyFans has definitely made our sex life a lot more spicy,” Gary explained. 

He also revealed that one of their family members suggested they join the platform due to the uniqueness of their relationship. 

“We’ve had mixed feedback from our family and friends about us creating content on OnlyFans – some people in our life said it was ‘disgusting’ and ‘wrong’,” he went on to say. 

Almeda also shared her views on the experience saying, “I always wanted to be a model, so it’s something that I enjoy, and it came natural to me.

“What I enjoy the most is being able to create something special, romantic, and intimate with my husband.”


The couple recently took to Instagram to thank their 18,200 followers for their support. “It’s something that we never had planned to do, but we both mutually decided to give it a shot and it has come with so much opportunity and success for us,” their post read. 

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Although the couple must deal with criticism, they are glad that they found something that made them happy. Good for them!

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