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Man Steals $369 Worth of Erectile Dysfunction Pills from Pharmacy



Man Steals $369 Worth of Erectile Dysfunction Pills from Pharmacy

Erectile dysfunction is an issue many men deal with. There are treatments available, but medications can be expensive. One Bethesda, MD resident decided to solve his problem by simply stealing the pills he needed. 

According to court documents, Marc Shutta, 36 was shocked to find out that his total pharmacy bill, which included insomnia and ED pills, totaled $369. This was due to his insurance not offering a discount rate for the drugs. 

Instead of paying or refusing the medication, Shutta bolted out of the Giant Foods grocery store, pills in hand. 

“Shutta snatched both prescriptions from the pharmacist, abandoned his shopping cart with groceries and fled the store on foot, beyond all available cash registers without paying for the item,” police officers described in their application for criminal charges. 

Giant told police they were not interested in pressing charges if the man came back with the pills. So, the police tried to contact the man to work out an arrangement.

The man did not answer his phone, so the police texted him to let him know he had until the next day’s end of business to bring the medication back to the store and, at most, face a trespass notice. 

Shutta still did not respond, so the authorities had no other choice than to arrest him. He was later released on his own personal recognizance and is now facing trial. 

“Shutta has clearly demonstrated a willful and deliberate action to avoid the responsibility of bringing back items that he stole without being pressed. In light of this, your affiant has credible reason to believe that Shutta will not willingly honor a court summons and present himself before a judge to face true concrete charges either,” the officer wrote in his arrest warrant request. 

According to court records, Shutta is unemployed and lives with his mother. If convicted, he will face up to six months in jail and up to $500 in fines.

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