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Man opens emergency exit, slides down wing while plane is moving



Man opens emergency exit

A passenger on a United Airlines flight from San Diego to Chicago decided he was on the airplane long enough, so when the flight landed in Chicago, he proceeded to open the emergency exit, walk out onto the wing and slide off onto the airfield, officials said.

Around 4:30 a.m. on May 5, flight 2874 from San Diego to Chicago landed on the runway in Chicago and was making its way to the gate when a man opened the emergency exit on the moving plane. He proceeded to walk onto the wing and eventually slid down the wing and onto the airfield.

A recording of the Air Traffic Control was obtained by NBC Chicago and you can hear the workers saying, “We had to stop short of gate Bravo 3. Somebody pulled the rear right over wing exit. Someone in seat 21 Bravo has exited the aircraft and is on the ramp.”

There was also cellphone video taken on the flight, which showed an emergency exit row with three seats and the emergency exit door opened. You can see a passenger is seated in the middle seat and another one seated in the aisle seat, NBC Chicago stated.

In a statement from United Airlines, they said, “This morning United flight 2478 was taxiing toward the gate at Chicago O’Hare when a passenger opened an aircraft door and exited the plane. Our ground crew stopped the individual outside of the aircraft, and the person is now with law enforcement. The plane then arrived at the gate and all passengers deplaned safely. The safety of our customers and crew is our highest priority,” ABC 7 reported.

The Chicago Aviation Department said no injuries were reported from this incident. Airport operations were not impacted by this situation.

As United Airlines stated, the gentleman was with law enforcement. The man, 57-year-old Randy Davila, was arrested and charged with one misdemeanor count of reckless conduct.

Men on wings of planes in Chicago is a new trend, as UPI reported a similar incident took place a few weeks ago. During that incident, a man, who was not a passenger on the flight, climbed onto the wing of an airplane at Chicago’s Midway Airport while he was naked! Police said he climbed the fence at the airport in order to get on the tarmac, which is when he got caught in some barbed wire and he had to remove his clothing to get away from the fence.

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