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Man Mortified After Attaching STD Results to Dream Job Application



Man Mortified After Attaching STD Results to Dream Job Application

We’ve all done it. We see a job online we think is perfect, but after submitting our application, we realize we made some sort of error. Usually these errors are small type-os, but one man outdid us all by submitting his STD test results instead of a glowing cover letter. 

Jacques Paul spent hours completing an application form for a digital marketing position at one of the ‘big four’ consulting firms. He proofread it to make sure there were no spelling errors. Then he hit send. 

Minutes later, the 27-year-old was freaking out. He realized he sent his STD test results instead of a cover letter. 

Jacques knew there wasn’t much he could do other than write to the company and point out his embarrassing mistake. A best-case scenario would be for the potential employer to think he was trying to say, “here’s another good thing about me, I don’t have STDs.”

He promptly received a rejection letter from the company, but has since found another job. 

He is sharing his facepalm story as way of helping others ‘de-stigmatize mistakes while addressing stigmas surrounding sexual health. 

“It was horrible at the time, but it’s a funny story now. I was applying for this job while listening to music, checking the news, I was looking at COVID rates, and doing something else on the side. I was multi-tasking. 

“I’d just got my PDF (of the STD results) downloaded and I was all negative, thankfully. Then I accidentally attached it to the job application and sent it in. 

“You get an email confirmation of your application and it said to log in to see the status, which I did. Then I saw the PDF of the STD results and freaked out. 

“(I) just waited hoping there was a very nice, sensible human on the other side seeing it and knowing it was an honest mistake, and they’d reach out for the actual cover letter. 

“Obviously that did not happen. Within 72 hours I got a standard message saying they weren’t proceeding with the application. I figured I could follow up and ask for feedback, but I think I knew what it was,” Jacques said. 

Jacques shared his experience on TikTok via a video that racked up over a million views. Many commenters wrote that his story made them feel better about errors they had made in the past.

@jacqupot And thats on having #GayDHD ♬ original sound – Slowed Songs

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