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Man May Never Use His Penis Again After Partner Deploys Insulation Foam into His Urethra



I just don’t get sounding, do you? Apparently, this is some sort of weird sex play that involves inserting things into the urethra of the penis. Lately it’s really been getting out of hand. 

The latest incident involves a 45-year-old impotent man whose partner accidentally sprayed insulation foam into his urethra. The foam hardened and became anchored to his penis. Doctors were forced to cut an incision between his scrotum and anus to allow for urination and removal.

Now the man may be looking at reconstructive surgery, but only if he’s able to pass a psychiatric evaluation first. 

What Went Down

The man in question had been struggling with impotence. He had been inserting various objects into his urethra to try and stay erect. His partner thought the straw from a can of home insulation spray might help.

He accidentally hit the button on the top of the can while it was inserted, causing the foam to spray into his partner’s penis. The foam hardened leaving masses in the penis and bladder. 

The man went to the hospital and medics were able to successfully remove the foam. Some pieces measured up to 10 cm in length and 4.3 cm in width. 

Some pieces were removed by pulling them out of the penis, but others were more difficult to deal with. They had to be extracted by cutting a hole in the perineum, which is located between the scrotum and the anus. 

The incident may not have been so difficult to deal with if the man had sought out help right away, but embarrassment caused him to wait three weeks before seeing a doctor. 

He was forced to get treatment due to soreness and difficulty urinating. When he arrived at the hospital, he was passing blood. 

The Man’s Mental State

Sounding, or the act of inserting things into the urethra, has become more popular in recent years. Men practice this unusual act to expand their activities and enhance their sexual experiences. However, it comes with its share of serious risks including damage to the urethra, lack of bladder control, and infection.

People who sound regularly may be dealing with mental issues. The man in question is currently homeless. Once he achieves a stable living situation, he will qualify for an assessment to determine if he is eligible for reconstructive surgery. 

Apparently, doctors want to make sure that they didn’t perform the procedure in vain. They want assurance that the man won’t see his newly constructed penis as an opportunity for future sounding events. 

The reconstructive surgery will help his penis function normally. However, he has to urinate out of the hole cut between his anus and scrotum. 

Sounding is often used by men who suffer impotence and are unable to achieve an erection. They may shove stiff objects into their urethra to become hard enough to engage in sexual intercourse. However, this is not an advisable way to treat erectile dysfunction since it can lead to serious injuries and health conditions. 

The Man’s Physical Condition

Although the man must undergo reconstructive surgery to return to normal functioning, he is lucky to have survived the incident with few repercussions. However, he has suffered from urethral stricture disease, which involves the urethra (used to carry sperm and urine out of the body), becoming scarred. The scarring causes it to narrow which interferes with its ability to do its job. 

The scarred tissue was responsible for anchoring the foam in place, which made it impossible for doctors to manually extract it. 

The procedure performed to make the new opening between the scrotum and anus is known as a perineal urethrostomy. It allowed the surgeon to remove the remaining fragments and will assist in urination. 

It involved inserting three tubes which divert the urine stream away from the penis and carry the fluid out of the body. 

Although this is far from the first case of harm from sounding to occur, experts note that it is the first time they have seen a can of insulation foam involved. 

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This incident was not a fun one, but it should serve as a lesson to anyone who is interested in sounding. Hopefully it will discourage similar events from occurring in the future.

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