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Man Gets Paid To Watch The Simpsons For Their Predictions



The Simpsons

Can you imagine making thousands of dollars to sit on your couch and watch The Simpsons?  This dream job is a reality for one man.  Alexander Townley, a resident of the United Kingdom, is paid nearly $7,000 for watching a single episode of The Simpsons.  The Simpsons superfan is merely 26-years-old yet earns more money staring at his TV than most hardworking full-grown adults make breaking their backs doing hard labor and typing strings of numbers and letters into computers.

The Dream Job We All Want

Townley recently gave a series of interviews in which he provided an inside look at his job as a professional watcher of The Simpsons.  Townley’s job is all the sweeter considering he also receives free doughnuts to devour while watching The Simpsons.  

The native of Nottingham landed the job after his sibling tagged him in an internet open call for animation lovers to watch the show and study its predictions for the years ahead.  As diehard fans of the series know, The Simpsons is famous for accurately predicting the course of humanity.  The show has foretold major events ranging from the 9/11 attacks to the ongoing pandemic.  

Townley’s predictions are forwarded to for publication.  Those publicized predictions draw in web traffic, helping the site make money through advertisements that ultimately keep Townley employed.

In-Depth Simpsons Analysis

Though watching The Simpsons seems like fun, carefully deconstructing each episode through deep analysis is actually quite challenging.  Townley is tasked with taking extensive notes and interpreting the show’s sometimes subtle predictions for the progression (or regression) of the human species. 

It must be noted that Townley is not a full-time watcher of the series.  His analysis of the popular animated sitcom is a part-time position.  Townley works in a coffee shop during the day.  

When asked to describe his work in deconstructing episodes of The Simpsons, Townley highlights how he sits with a pen and notepad, and writes down every small detail of each episode starting with the opening credits all the way through the seemingly endless gags and jokes.  

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Townley has watched upwards of 30 episodes in a single day, and insists that such marathon sessions drain the mind.  The superfan has about 700 episodes to go before completing the project.

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