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Man Attacks Officer in Youngstown Police Department Lobby



Youngstown Police

In a shocking incident at the Youngstown Police Department’s lobby, a man identified as Keishaun Sims was captured on security footage and an officer’s body camera as he attacked an officer. The incident unfolded on Tuesday.

The video footage shows Sims entering the lobby and inquiring with the officer at the front desk if he could speak with a “manager.” The officer, as seen on the body-worn camera video, explained to Sims that he would need to schedule an appointment to speak with the chief or any other personnel. However, Sims disregarded this response and began discussing a “manifestation.”

As the exchange continued with several more comments from Sims, the officer eventually rose from his desk and walked into the lobby, asking Sims to leave. This request led to a physical altercation, during which Sims knocked the officer to the ground and pinned him down. Fortunately, two additional officers arrived and managed to restrain Sims, subsequently placing him in handcuffs.

The Youngstown Police Department has issued a statement confirming their investigation into the incident and their consideration of additional training for officers to enhance their ability to de-escalate similar situations.

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Sims now faces multiple charges, including aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony; two counts of assault on a police officer, a fourth-degree felony; and misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest and obstructing official business.

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