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Man Arrested By Police After Putting Stickers On Gas Pumps



Gas pumps

It’s one thing to get arrested for stealing gas from someone else’s vehicle (even with prices this high). Yet, a Pennsylvania man was arrested for something that may be seen as strange. Thomas Gazlewski of Manor Township, PA was arrested by police after he affixed stickers on  gas pumps.

More specifically, they were the satirical stickers of Joe Biden pointing with the caption ‘I did that’. The stickers grew in popularity and were seen at gas pumps across America. The message is indicating that President Biden was to blame for the rise in gas prices.

In the end, Glazewski was arrested for disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, and harassment. The incident occured at a Turkey Hill gas station and convenience store in Lancaster. Glazewski allegedly tacked on stickers to the gas pumps and was confronted by a store clerk before police were called.

Upon placing the stickers, Glazewski declared ‘I did that’ repeatedly. During his run-in with the police, he was tackled to the ground and suffered injuries that required medical attention. Aaron Phillips was in the area during the incident and managed to catch Gazlewski’s encounter with the police on video.

The ‘I Did That’ stickers that have been posted on gas pumps nationwide has been a fast growing thing in recent days. As of today, a 100 pack of these stickers are being sold on Amazon for at least $10. Javier Estrada Ovalles of El Monte, California states that he’s been getting as much as 80 orders of these stickers per day.

Gas Pumps

The demand for these stickers may still be on the rise even after Gazlewski’s arrest. Whoever is to blame for the gas prices, it’s no secret that people are not happy with paying more at the pump. After all, the world is slowly coming back together after a pandemic that has kept the population on edge for the past two years.

Plus, with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the gas prices may continue to stay where they are until a solution is found. People are still commuting to and from work every day, but are feeling that extra pinch in their wallets.

At the same time, it may not be the last time we hear of arrests related to these Biden stickers. It may also not be wise to admit that you did a deed that was intended to prove some kind of point like Gazlewski did.

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