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Man Accused of Child Molestation Captured in Pennsylvania Following Violent Jailbreak



Mario Che-Tiul

A man facing child molestation charges, who had managed to escape in a “violent” jailbreak in Missouri, was apprehended in Pennsylvania on Thursday. This arrest occurred not far from where another escaped murderer, Danelo Cavalcante, was recently caught after weeks on the run. Mario Che-Tiul, 34, had been a fugitive since June 1 before being captured by the U.S. Marshals Service in Avondale around 1:30 p.m. ET, according to federal authorities.

He was sought after “for a violent Barry County, MO. escape and was the last of 6 inmates captured,” as stated by the marshals. Back in Missouri, Che-Tiul was facing charges of child molestation, incest, and assault.

It remains unclear how he managed to travel from southwest Missouri to the outskirts of Philadelphia, covering a distance of nearly 1,200 miles.

The escape had occurred on June 1 when prisoners overpowered a guard. Five were quickly recaptured, and one turned himself in shortly afterward, leaving Che-Tiul as the sole missing inmate for the past 3½ months, officials reported.

Sheriff Danny Boyd of Barry County expressed his gratitude to the United States Marshals Service for their relentless efforts to locate and apprehend Che-Tuil.

Mario Che-Tiul

Che-Tiul’s capture marks the second high-profile capture of an escapee in Chester County, Pennsylvania, in just over a week, following the September 13 arrest of Cavalcante in South Coventry Township.

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Cavalcante had broken free on August 31 from the Chester County Prison by scaling walls and eluding detection by a watchtower guard, who has since been dismissed from their position.

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