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Maine Cat Missing for Almost 7 Years Found 1,400 Miles Away in Florida



It’s terrible to lose a cat. After 7 years missing, most owners will think their cat is never coming back. But here’s a story that will encourage you not to give up hope. 

Denise Cilley of Chesterville, Maine said her cat Ashes was strictly an indoor cat. It escaped from her home in August of 2015 when it was 1 year old. 

The Cilley family made attempts to find the cat, but when they were unsuccessful, they figured it had been taken by a fox or another type of predator. 

Imagine Cilley’s surprise when she received a phone call from a veterinarian in Longwood, FL. “I live in Maine. We don’t have a cat in Florida,” Cilley recalls telling the vet. 

The veterinarian explained that the cat had a microchip implanted by the Franklin County Animal Shelter that contained her contact information. After receiving a description of the animal, she realized it must be Ashes. 

A mutual friend connected Cilley with Janet Williams, a former Maine resident who moved to Florida and founded the Pixel Fun and Adore Pet Rescue Groups. 

“They called me because I do have a connection in the rescue community and there’s a fairly well-organized rescue network up and down the East Coast I could tap into.”

The veterinarian examined Ashes and determined the cat had an upper respiratory infection, dental disease, some missing teeth, and a scabby coat. 

Williams is currently fostering the cat and will arrange for the animal to come home via a Southwest Airlines flight once she gets the treatment she needs. 

Cilley has no clue as to how Ashes ended up in Florida. 

“We have no idea. Maybe somebody found her in Maine, thought she was a stray, took her in and moved to Florida. She got out and couldn’t find her way home,” Cilley speculates. 

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It’s a strange story but it’s fortunate that it has a happy ending. How do you think the cat might have gotten so far from home?

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