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Machine Gun Kelly Changes Upcoming Album Title After Tattooing Its Original Name on Arm



Rapper Machine Gun Kelly, born Colson Baker, has abruptly decided to change the name of his upcoming album.  The decision is especially odd considering the fact that he tattooed the original album name on his arm in what seemed like a savvy marketing technique at the time.  The rapper collaborated with former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker on the upcoming album.

Is It Time for Tattoo Removal?

Machine Gun Kelly is now stuck with a “Born With Horns” tattoo on his left forearm.  In fact, Barker also got the same tattoo on his own forearm in an effort to ramp up the hype for the new album.  The upcoming album is the second joint creation between the two music superstars.  

It took a mere six months for Kelly and Barker to change their minds, altering the album title from “Born With Horns” to “Mainstream Sellout”, likely in an effort to publicize the upcoming release all the more.   Neither Kelly nor Barker has indicated whether their “Born With Horns” tattoos will be removed. 

All Publicity is Good Publicity

Kelly, 31, took to TikTok to announce the album name change.  The rapper filmed Barker’s reaction to the album name alteration and shared it with his social media followers.  The video was captioned with the following text: “My bad @travisbarker.”

The video clip shows Kelly asking Barker whether the two are still friends, “…no matter what, right?”  Barker replied in the affirmative, chuckled, and rhetorically asked Kelly what the new album would be called.  Both Kelly and Barker laughed off the fact that they tattooed “Born With Horns” on their forearms, choosing to shift their attention to hyping the new album rather than dwelling on the past.

The album, Mainstream Sellout, is the rapper’s sixth studio creation, coming on the heels of “Tickets to My Downfall”, released in 2020.  Barker tattooed “Tickets to My Downfall” on his neck.  He also has tattoos of his favorite music artists including the likes of Tommy Lee, Kurt Cobain, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  In fact, Barker has so many tattoos that he has started to layer new ink on top of old ink.  Barker tattooed “Don’t trust anyone” on his neck in a reference to his former spouse, Shanna Moakler, who has gone to great lengths to trash Kourtney Kardashian.

The logic in Kelly and Barker getting the “Born With Horns” tattoos on their forearms is rooted in the fact that all publicity is good publicity.  The tattoos will likely be removed in the months ahead after the now-modified album is released.  The two superstars lso have tattoos dedicated to their significant others, Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox.  The blood buddies have not announced whether they will get new tattoos in reference to the new album’s title.

The Upcoming Album Will Make a Splash 

The Mainstream Sellout album will likely prove worthy of the hype.  Kelly’s girlfriend, Megan Fox, will be featured on one of the tracks dubbed Banyan Tree.  Though this track is merely an interlude, meaning it is not a full-length musical creation, Fox’s presence alone will help sell it as a single and also boost album sales.  

One of Fox’s lines in the song is as follows:  “You just got my initials tattooed on you. I just got your nickname tattooed on me.”  The line is a reference to her and Kelly’s matching tattoos.  

It is quite peculiar that the album’s first single was released nearly six months ago.  Dubbed “Papercuts”, the single made waves with music fans across the world.  Barker co-produced the MGK track and also played drums on the song.  Papercuts broke into the top 80 of the Billboard Hot 100 soon after its release.  Though the timing of the single’s release is questionable since the album won’t be released until winter of ’22, it certainly helped to build momentum for the much-anticipated collaboration between the two industry stalwarts.  Mainstream Sellout is the first of two albums Kelly will release in the year ahead.  

According to the blonde-haired rapper, the new album will be quite different from its predecessor, which was more pop-oriented with a younger target demographic.  Mainstream sellout has comparably heavy guitar riffs beneath flaming hot rap vocals, drawing comparisons to the likes of 90s mega-bands Rage Against The Machine and Limp Bizkit.  

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Machine Gun Kelly recently conducted an interview with Willie Geist from NBC’s Sunday Today show.  The rapper indicated he is no longer holding anything back and insists his new album with Barker will break musical barriers and demonstrate an irreverence for convention that music-lovers around the world are certain to appreciate.

Stay tuned.  The official release date for Kelly’s collaboration with Barker will be announced in the weeks ahead.

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