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Los Angeles Man Allegedly Murders Wife and Her Parents, Disposing of Body Parts in Trash



Los Angeles Man Allegedly Murders Wife and Her Parents Disposing of Body Parts in Trash

On Monday, prosecutors announced that a 35-year-old Los Angeles Man, Samuel Haskell, is facing murder charges for the alleged killing of his wife and her parents. The accused is accused of dismembering the bodies and placing body parts in a trash bag.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office revealed that Haskell is charged with three counts of murder, including special circumstances for committing multiple murders. If convicted, he could face life in prison without the possibility of parole. During a court appearance, Haskell’s arraignment was postponed, and he was ordered to be held without bail. There was no immediate response to a request for comment from Joseph Gutierrez, the attorney representing Haskell in court.

Haskell resided in the Tarzana neighborhood of the San Fernando Valley with his wife, their three young children, and her parents. Last week, he was apprehended after a human torso was discovered in a bag in a dumpster.

The victims, Mei Li Haskell (37), Gaoshan Li (72), and Yanxiang Wang (64), were last seen around November 6, according to the DA’s office statement. Allegedly, on November 7, Haskell hired four day-laborers to remove several heavy black plastic trash bags from his home. One of the laborers reportedly opened a bag and found human body parts, prompting a 911 call. Despite returning the bags and money, the items were not present when the police arrived.

Los Angeles Man Allegedly Murders Wife and Her Parents Disposing of Body Parts in Trash

On the same day, Haskell was captured on video disposing of something in a dumpster in nearby Encino. He was arrested the following day after someone searching through the trash found a woman’s torso in a bag and contacted 911, prosecutors said.

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While the torso is suspected to belong to Mei Haskell, official identification is pending from the Los Angeles County medical examiner’s department. Deputy District Attorney Beth Silverman stated that there were indications in the house suggesting the dismemberment of the bodies, even though no other bags containing body parts or remains have been recovered so far.

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