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Kevin T Porter Says He Was Behind the Will Smith Slap



By now, all of us know what went down between Chris Rock and Will Smith at the Oscars. Smith got up and slapped the comedian after Rock’s tasteless joke, “Jada… can’t wait for GI Jane 2” which was in reference to her hair loss from alopecia. 

Will Smith’s wife, Jada Smith, has been struggling with alopecia since 2018 and made the bold decision to shave her head in 2021. 

Many people have been posting on social media, taking sides and expressing shock over the Oscar incident. Still others think the whole thing was staged. They mention Rock failing to defend himself and the weakness of the slap in pointing out its lack of authenticity. 

Now American comedian, writer, and podcaster Kevin Porter is coming forward saying it was indeed a prank…and he was the one who put the two up to it. 

Porter made his claim public in a tweet that read, “Hey I wrote that silly Chris Rock Will Smith slap bit. We knew we’d push some buttons but comedy is meant to provoke and make people think, I’m proud we did both those things at tonight at #Oscars 2022!”

However, most people doubted that Porter’s tweet revealed the truth. 

“The awkward way Chris tried to continue after the confrontation tells me it was real,” one commenter wrote. 

“The one thing less funny than if you had written it: pretending that you did,” wrote another. 

“You don’t think anyone’s going to believe this, right?” a third chimed in. 

Smith went on to win an Oscar for his performance in King Richard later in the evening. He apologized on stage for the prior incident and later issued an apology statement to Chris Rock and to the public for his behavior in general.

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