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Kanye West is Dating Julia Fox



Rapper Kanye West is poised to divorce supermodel Kim Kardashian in the months ahead.  However, the looming divorce has not stopped Kanye from hooking up with a new flame.  The rapper is now dating actress Julia Fox.  The story was recently revealed by Page Six.  

Dishing the “Deets”

Fox, famous for her role in “Uncut Gems”, a sports gambling flick with Adam Sandler, was spotted in public while dining with the “Stronger” rapper this past weekend.  The two chowed down at Makoto Bal Harbour.  It has been reported that the Hollywood power couple is taking their relationship to the next level.  A source close to Fox reveals to Page Six that the two are dating.  Though each has recently pivoted from prior relationships, their new relationship is proving mutually beneficial.

Another source who was dining at Makoto revealed Kanye kept his hoodie up throughout the entire course of the meal.  It was also revealed that Fox donned a leather trench during the meal.  However, it was noted that the establishment’s hostesses were “blown away” by the fact that Kanye even stepped foot on the premises.  

Another source noted the famous rapper Future also had a bite to eat with Kanye and Fox at the trendy restaurant.  It has also been revealed that the story about a woman taking photographs from Kanye’s balcony appears to be “just a friend” rather than a love interest.  Page Six reached out to the representatives of the rapper and actress for comment but that request was not reciprocated.

This Isn’t the First West and Fox Sighting

According to another source who dished some juicy tidbits to TMZ, the two superstars were also seen at Carbone.  However, that source noted the relationship is “nothing serious” in spite of the fact that the couple went to considerable efforts to keep the relationship a secret.  Hollywood and music fans will be interested to know that Fox stated she did not know if she would go out with the rapper for a second date only to meet up with him merely hours later for raw fish. 

Fox’s Divorce Has Been Less Public

One would think Fox is in emotional upheaval and a sensitive state of mind simply because she is going through a divorce with her spouse and co-parent, Peter Artemiev.  Fox has gone out of her way to point out the fact that Artemiev left her with a 5-month-old along with a dog and a litany of house bills, stating, “It’s wrong!!! It’s not fair.”  The comment was made to her Instagram Story prior to Christmas.  

The couple welcomed the addition of a son, Valentino, to their family earlier this year, yet attempted to keep the addition a secret.  Fox came clean about the birth, stating, “He 1000 percent intentionally got me pregnant, It’s a blessing. I’m happy about it. I would not change it.”

Fox’s Stylish Look for Her Dinner Date

Fox stepped out in public for her date with Kanye wearing a dress made notable by the one and only Kim Kardashian.  Her apparel of choice is notable simply because Kim’s marriage with Kanye is coming to an end.  Fox, 31, donned a Jean Paul Gaultier sheer striped gown.  The tight-fitting dress created the impression that Fox was wearing nothing at all.  She donned the gown just ahead of her date with Kanye when attending Christian Louboutin’s Loubillusions get-together in Paris this past September.  

Kim originally made the dress popular when she wore it to the ’18 People’s Choice Awards.  Fox slightly modified the look, adding statement earrings, visible lingerie, Louboutin pumps and gray boots.  Aside from these slight modifications, there are no other significant differences between the starlets’ dresses.  In other words, Fox used the gown as a dig against Kim, making it clear that she has replaced her as Kanye’s new arm candy.

Fox looked just as stylish during her weekend date with the famous rapper, donning form-fitting black leather pants atop an all-black Balenciaga one-piece swimsuit.  It was quite the intriguing choice of garb for a daytime date in the sun.  

Kim Has a Life of Her Own

Kim also appears to be moving on from her failed marriage to Kanye.  The supermodel is dating SNL actor Pete Davidson.  Davidson was also in Miami this weekend, hosting the nationally televised New Year’s Eve special with Miley Cyrus.  However, Kim was not seen with Davidson during the holiday celebration.  

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Kim recently filed to be legally declared as single as opposed to married, as her divorce proceedings play out.  However, Kim and Kanye will likely see one another that much more frequently now that the rapper has purchased a new home directly across the street from his former spouse in an attempt to spend more time with the couple’s four kids.

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