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Jeffrey Epstein’s Secret Settlement with Prince Andrew Accuser Will Soon Be Revealed



The secret financial settlement Jeffrey Epstein paid to the accuser of Prince Andrew will finally be made public.  Epstein clandestinely paid a sum of money to Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a woman who accused Prince Andrew of sexual assault on multiple occasions.  Giuffre is currently engaged in a legal battle with Andrew.  Giuffre alleges Andrew sexually assaulted her three times when she was 17 years of age. 

About the Civil Settlement

The United Kingdom’s royal legal practitioners are adamant that the civil settlement that has remained secret for years provides extensive legal protection for Andrew.  The legal team also insists this settlement provides a legal shield for others supposedly involved in the abuse and alleged coverup, from any and all legal liability resulting from Giuffre’s accusations.

Epstein’s signature is on the legal agreement with Giuffre.  This secret settlement was signed in 2008.  The agreement was written in a manner meant to protect Andrew against an ensuing lawsuit that would undoubtedly damage his public character and possibly lead to significant financial loss.

Epstein went on to commit suicide in his New York City jail cell while awaiting trial for alleged sex trafficking crimes.  The nature of Epstein’s death has been questioned by conspiracy theorists who insist the supposed sex trafficker was killed before he could reveal details about public figures who visited his “sex island”, as it has often been referred to in the mainstream press.  

Some conspiracy theorists have gone as far as insinuating Epstein was a CIA asset, as it is alleged that he has video footage of public officials and celebrities engaging in sex acts with underage girls.  Surf the web for Epstein conspiracy theories and you will also find accusations that a body double or aesthetically altered cadaver was used to fool the public into believing Epstein committed suicide.  These same conspiracy theorists allege Epstein is still alive and well, living the good life in a witness protection program.

Details of the Accusations

Giuffre insists she was forced by Epstein and another alleged sex criminal, Ghislaine Maxwell, to engage in sexual relations with Prince Andrew at the time when she was a mere 17-years-old.  Giuffre’s age at the time of the supposed sexual abuse is important as she was a minor, making the alleged crime that much more significant in the context of the law and potential criminal punishment.

Giuffre’s lawsuit against Andrew states she was forced to engage in sexual acts with the Prince at least three times in the Virgin Islands, New York, and London.  These alleged acts supposedly occurred in 2001.  Photos used as evidence in the lawsuit reveal Giuffre pictured with Epstein, Andrew, and Maxwell.

Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew’s Response

Prince Andrew, the middle child of the United Kingdom’s monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, has denied the claims made by Giuffre.  Andrew has passionately refuted the claims as highlighted by his widely publicized TV interview in the United Kingdom.  Andrew’s verbal missteps in this interview led to his relinquishment from all royal duties. 

Andrew attempted to avoid the formal service of legal paperwork that triggered the ensuing Giuffre lawsuit.  The papers were eventually served, setting the stage for Andrew to face formal charges in a court of law.  Though Andrews’ legal team attempted to have the complaint detailing the alleged sex crimes thrown out of court, the argument fell flat.  

Andrew’s attorneys even went as far as insisting Giuffre was a sex trafficker, herself.  The legal representatives for the Prince stated Giuffre was of legal age at the time she insists Epstein and Maxwell forced her to engage in sexual acts.

The Settlement Will Be Made Public

Loretta Preska, a Manhattan federal judge, signed the order in unison with another Manhattan federal judge, Lewis Kaplan, this past Tuesday.  The aim of the joint order is to outline plans to publicize the settlement document that Andrew’s legal representatives submitted when filing the motion to dismiss the suit.

The judges named above state Epstein is known in the mainstream yet deceased, meaning the settlement agreement should no longer be kept secret.  The judges also noted the agreement is known to the accuser and has been available to all relevant parties for a lengthy period of time.  This familiarity sets the stage for a public revealing of the details of the settlement.  

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The two judges also stated that they question if any “proper purpose would be served” by keeping the settlement document a secret across posterity.  The judge tandem provided a December 22 deadline for Andrew’s legal team to demonstrate good cause for the settlement document to remain under wraps.  If such good cause is not demonstrated, the court will reveal the agreement on the public record.  The failure to demonstrate good cause will trigger the release of the settlement agreement to the worldwide press on January 3, 2022.

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