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Jack Doherty: Influencer’s Halloween Party Turns Violent as Security Guard Punches Attendee



Jack Doherty

Pandemonium broke out at a Halloween gathering for influencers when a security guard employed by a popular YouTuber resorted to violence, striking a man in the face. In a social media post, Jack Doherty, a YouTuber boasting over 12 million subscribers, revealed the shocking incident, exclaiming, “My security just knocked out a guy live on my kick…”. Doherty posted a video capturing the altercation, which depicted various content creators, including OnlyFans personality Corinna Kopf, in a heated exchange with Doherty’s security guard.

The security guard, later identified as Kane Kongg, forcefully cleared the path of one individual, ultimately delivering a punch to his face. The victim tumbled to the floor, prompting others in the vicinity to intervene, urgently imploring the guard to desist.

The man targeted by the guard was described as a white individual with brown hair, attired in brightly colored workout clothing labeled “Get Physical,” and sporting neon goggles. Regrettably, his identity remained unknown. In the video, Kopf voiced her disapproval, saying, “What is wrong with you? Are you crazy? What kind of security guard are you?”

At the time, Doherty was live streaming on the Kick platform, allowing viewers to witness the entire incident in real time. Preceding footage of the altercation began circulating on social media, with one video showing Doherty engaged in an argument with the man who would later become the victim of the punch. The specific nature of their disagreement remained unclear, but Doherty later clarified in a follow-up post on X that they were feeling harassed.

The argument originated from Kopf’s decision to decline Doherty’s invitation to participate in a stream at the party. In a lengthier video posted on X, Kopf accused Doherty of disparaging remarks about her, saying, “Just because I’m at a party and I don’t want to talk to you, you say I’m an OnlyFans whore.”

The Halloween event was hosted by influencer David Dobrik, and Snoop Dogg was among the attendees.

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Kongg, who had amassed 639,000 followers on Instagram and had previously worked with rapper DaBaby. It is also noted that Kongg faced backlash for a similar incident in 2019 when he punched one of the rapper’s female fans.

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