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Hurricane Nigel Grows to Category 2 as Atlantic Ocean Watch Continues



Hurricane Nigel

On Tuesday afternoon, Hurricane Nigel achieved Category 2 status and has the potential to intensify further before eventually diminishing in strength while remaining well offshore in the Atlantic Ocean, according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center.

Nigel’s sustained winds reached 100 mph late on Tuesday, a notable increase from its earlier 90 mph status when it was a robust Category 1 hurricane.

Currently, the storm is positioned approximately 590 miles east of Bermuda and is moving in a north-northwest direction at a speed of 14 mph. Forecasters have indicated that Bermuda may experience swells generated by Nigel, which could lead to dangerous surf conditions and rip currents, posing a potential threat to life.

As of now, no coastal watches or warnings have been issued, as the hurricane remains distant from populated areas.

Hurricane Nigel

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The Miami-based hurricane center anticipates that Nigel could experience some additional strengthening early on Wednesday, but it is projected to commence a weakening trend starting on Thursday and continuing into Friday. Eventually, Nigel is expected to transition into a still formidable post-tropical cyclone by Friday.

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