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Homeless Man Hospitalized After Husband Finds Him with His Wife



This is the story of a man who became very upset after finding his wife cheating on him with a homeless man inside her car.

Eduardo Alves who works as a personal trainer was unable to find his wife who left home during the early hours of March 10 to help a man who was living in the rough neighborhood of Jardim Roriz in Plantaltina, Brazil

He eventually found her inside her car that was parked outside their home, having relations with a homeless man. A nearby camera picked up what happened next.  

Eduardo began pounding on the car window before opening the door and climbing inside to beat the man up. The homeless man retreated to the other side of the car, but Eduardo grabbed him and dragged him to the roadside and started punching him in the face. 

His wife got out of the car and begged her husband to stop beating the man up. 

According to a statement Eduardo later gave police, he believed that the homeless man was raping his wife. 

However, the wife later revealed that the relations were consensual. 

She also explained that she enjoys helping vulnerable people she meets through the church she attends. She later told a friend she had received a ‘message from God’ telling her to help the homeless man she was caught having relations with. 

The homeless man, whose name remains private, was taken to the hospital with bruises and two black eyes. He is said to be recovering well from the injuries he has sustained. 

Brazil’s investigative police force, the Civil Police of the Federal District, are currently investigating the case. No charges have been filed as of yet.

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