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Heroic Carnival Worker Rescues Child Dangling on Ride




A trip to the fair took a terrifying turn for a Texas family when a mechanical malfunction left a child stranded on a ride and a courageous carnival worker dangling in the air to protect her.

At the recent Pecan Festival in Groves, Texas, near Beaumont, a ride operator was assisting a 12-year-old girl in securing herself inside “The Bullet” ride. Unexpectedly, a gust of wind lifted the ride into the air, with both the child and the ride worker left hanging on for their lives.

Footage captured by Eric McCauley shows the carnival worker clinging to the ride, suspended 30 feet above the ground, using his foot to secure the door and ensure the child’s safety. After a heart-pounding few minutes, both were safely brought back to the ground. Thankfully, no one sustained any injuries.

“We just wanted to have a bit of fun, you know, a family day out. We got the wristbands, and that was the first ride she wanted to try,” shared Caress Muraira, the child’s mother.

“At first, the ride started moving slowly, and he attempted to halt it. However, her door wasn’t properly closed. I began to panic as he tried to secure the door, but he ended up being lifted with it. My daughter was up there, talking to him, urging him to hold on and not let go,” Muraira recounted.Muraira hailed the carnival worker as a hero.

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“My daughter kept reassuring me, ‘Mommy, I’m okay. I just want you to know that I’m okay,'” Muraira said. Following the incident, the ride was closed for the remainder of the day.

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