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Heidi Klum Reveals Multimillion Dollar Insurance Policy on Her Legs



Most people aren’t surprised to learn celebrities take out million dollar insurance policies on their most valuable assets.  In the case of some of the world’s most attractive individuals, those assets are body parts as opposed to boats, cars and other traditional items.  Perhaps you’ve read that Jennifer Lopez has insured her butt for several million dollars.  Taylor Swift has a multimillion dollar insurance policy on her thighs.  We have a new entrant into the body part insurance club with German supermodel Heidi Klum.

Klum’s Reveal on Ellen

Klum, 48, revealed she has a $2 million insurance policy on her legs.  The announcement was made on the Ellen DeGeneres show.  The supermodel also revealed one of her legs is insured for more than the other.  Most fans would rightfully assume the difference in insurance levels is likely because one limb is that much more aesthetically pleasing.  However, the truth is a childhood injury is the cause of the variance.  The model told Ellen a childhood story about how she fell into glass and suffered a massive cut on her leg that resulted in a sizable lasting scar.  However, fans can’t see the scar since she uses spray tan to conceal it.

The German fashionista admitted the insurance policy is odd, yet it makes financial sense.  Klum also hinted that she might consider insuring her breasts.  A client insured her legs to protect its investment in the supermodel.  In other words, Klum’s client pays the monthly premium for the insurance policy.

Though Klum did not reveal the specific amount for each individual leg, she noted her right leg is covered in excess of a million dollars.  The left leg is a bit cheaper to insure as a result of her childhood injury.  The supermodel has expanded her stardom in recent years in an attempt to branch out.  She has served as the host of “America’s Got Talent”, and  still looks drop dead gorgeous at nearly 50-years-old.

The Logic in Insuring a Body Part

Klum’s decision to insure her legs is a prudent one.   Supermodels’ bodies are essential to their financial livelihood and identity.  In particular, Klum’s legs are especially attractive.  If she were to get into a car crash or slip on ice and break her leg, it would undoubtedly reduce her earning potential.  

As noted by Playboy model Holly Madison who insured her breasts for $1 million, “If anything happened to my boobs, I’d be out for a few months and I’d probably be out a million dollars.”  Several other Hollywood stars have insured their body parts and attributes as well.  As an example, Mariah Carey went as far as insuring her voice for a cool $35 million.  

Miley Cyrus took out an insurance policy on her tongue for $1 million.  Madonna insured her breasts for $2 million.  Kim Kardashian insured her rear end for an astonishing $21 million.

Klum Opens up to Ellen

Klum’s insurance policy reveal was made during a “fill in the blank” game on the Ellen show in which the model answered questions about herself and her life.  Klum went into additional detail about her personality and fears, admitting she made it through a particularly scary photoshoot in which she was pictured with a python.  The python was not an officially trained snake used on Hollywood sets.  

Klum also went into detail about her public wardrobe malfunctions.  The two then chatted about the massive gold statue of her that was recently revealed in her home nation of Germany.  

Klum also dished the deets about her collaboration with the one and only Snoop Dogg.  The two hooked up for a track dubbed “Chai Tea With Heidi.”  The song was written by Tom Kaulitz, the model’s husband and music producer.  Klum detailed how working with Snoop Dogg was her top bucket item list.  She explained how she reached out to Snoop to see if he would be willing to collaborate with her on a track.  

“So, I go to Englewood and then we made this song together and it’s the most craziest thing for me because this is like dream of all dreams for me to do a song with Snoop Dogg,” the model said.

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The collaboration is an unexpected one as Klum is nearly 50-years-old, a married woman, and a mother of four children.  Add in the fact that her lifestyle doesn’t match that of the ever-high Snoop Dogg and the collab track makes even less sense.  The surprise single was released on January 15.

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