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Hangry baby goat goes viral after headbutting owner for not feeding her first



baby goat headbutting owner for food

Even a baby goat can get a little angry when it tend is hungry. We would never have known, but it looks like it in the cutest possible way. That is what happened in this viral TikTok video, as a different side of this baby goat was seen when the owner was not feeding it when it was hungry!

In the video, TikTok user @snakeriverranch featured her baby goat. The young animal is seen headbutting the owner in her leg, as the owner captioned the video saying she was making her dinner before the baby goat’s!

@snakeriverranch Such an angry little thing. #ranchlife #funnyfarm #goats #babygoat #pygmygoats #housegoat #goatinadiaper #bottlebaby #moirarose #idahoranchlife #whytho #fyp ♬ original sound – Vert ✌?

The baby goat was hungry and needed food, so their anger took over. We have all been there before. Regardless of how hangry the baby goat may have been, how cute is this video? It couldn’t control their emotions and lost all their patience, so it makes sense they were lashing out.

The video garnered about 40 million views and 6.4 million likes. Of course, comments from people have been coming in too, and people are coming after the goat’s owner.

They thought the baby goat was acting up because of not feeding it first.

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The goat would only give up once they got their food, which should have been served before the owner decided to make their own first.

It’s safe to say that the owner will not be making their food first from now on.

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