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Gruesome Video Shows Man Shot to Death Execution-Style Outside Home



Gruesome Video Shows Man Shot to Death Execution-Style Outside Home

A 26-year-old man from Brooklyn was shot and killed execution-style and now a chilling video has been released by the NYPD showing the horrific event taking place, officials said.

Around 8:15 p.m. on March 26, police say the victim, 26-year-old Peter Panthier, was shot at point-blank range while he was walking right next to his killer outside 624 Grassmere Terrace in Far Rockaway.

In the video, you can see the pair is just casually walking together on a sidewalk. All of a sudden, the suspect pulls out a gun and fires a bullet directly into Panthier’s head. He instantly falls to the ground and then you can see the gunmen flee the scene on foot after the shooting.

According to authorities, Panthier was taken to St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, the New York Post reported.

Panthier lived in East New York, Brooklyn, so police were not sure why he was in Far Rockaway at the time.

Peter’s mother, Jocelyn Dodds Panthier, talked with the New York Post and said her “son was good.” She stated he previously taught high school math and also performed in several plays at the national theater in his native Dominica.

Peter’s parents moved to East New York about 18 months ago from Dominica, a Caribbean island of about 70,000 people, according to the New York Post. Peter stayed in Trinidad and Tobago to continue his studies in economics at St. Augustine College. Jocelyn said, “He’s really super intelligent. He tested super high on his IQ. Einstein levels.”

However, Jocelyn said Peter struggled with depression and they were begging him to join his parents in New York. Jocelyn said, “He was suffering from depression so badly that he didn’t finish his studies. We just asked him to come home.”

That is what he did, as he just recently moved to Brooklyn with his family. Because of that, Jocelyn said he was a loner and didn’t appear to have many friends. She added, “I don’t recognize the person in the video.”

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The police don’t seem to recognize the suspect either. As of this writing, the suspect was still being sought.

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