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Giantess on OnlyFans Makes Almost 50k a Month



The adult site, OnlyFans is taking off with many people racking in a considerable income for their weird fetish behavior. Jesse Switch of Alberta, Canada has cornered the market with her giantess schtick. The 33-year-old brings in around 38,000 euros (approx. $50,000) a month with her act. 

Jesse’s live videos involve her placing her phone on the floor to give her a larger appearance. She then ‘eats’ and crushes tiny figures and even stomps on her phone to make her character believable. 

Jesse started working with the site in 2020 to make extra money after leaving her warehouse job. She has racked up 207,000 Instagram followers since. 

“They like the thrill of me looking huge and them feeling tiny, and the uncertainty of what I’ll do next. Other people like to continue on to me crushing or eating them, having the ultimate dominance asserted,” Jesse explained. 

The model has certainly gotten some weird requests in her time. 

“Some people want to fantasize about being stomped or sat on, but sometimes they want to be picked up, teased and then crushed, specifically between my butt cheeks or breasts.”

“I’ve certainly got the curves to be able to stuff a whole camera into my cleavage or my butt, so that’s another aspect of the fantasy that I’m able to really bring to life,” Jesse goes on to say. 

But for Jesse and her fans, it’s not only about a sexual fantasy. 

“It’s really just about being freed from responsibility and cared for,” the model said. 

Jesse revealed that she spends 10 -12 hours a day building connections with her fans. 

“I have some who I never even talk about anything sexual with,- one man just sends me silly dad jokes or we exchange pictures of our pets.

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“These are fun, kinky, romantic people, and if they can be that way with me, they can be that way with someone else, too. Improving men’s mental health benefits everyone- including women.”

A porn star and a humanitarian. You gotta love it!

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