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Ghislaine Maxwell’s Beau Drops her for a Yoga Instructor



Yoga Instructor

Ghislaine Maxwell’s husband has left her for a younger woman. Scott Borgerson, 46, was recently spotted in public kissing Kris McGinn, a yoga instructor, and mother of two.  The two were seen locking lips near his $4 million estate in New England.  Borgerson made some waves in the media by skipping every day of Ghislaine’s trial.  Ghislaine was ultimately convicted of sex-trafficking.

The Dirty Details of Borgerson’s New Relationship

According to the NY Post and Daily Mail, Borgerson was seen with his new flame days after his wife, Ghislaine, was found guilty of sex-trafficking.  Borgerson clearly didn’t waste any time moving on from his marriage that has ended in disarray.  In fact, one of Maxwell’s friends provided quite the scoop when telling the Daily Mail this past Sunday that Borgerson dumped Ghislaine in a phone call made to her while in a detention center in Brooklyn.  

Borgerson is a wealthy tech entrepreneur who has been estranged from his wife for several months following her arrest, conviction, and solitary confinement.  The source indicates the phone call was dramatic and even confrontational.  Though no specific timeline for the call was provided, it has been revealed that Borgerson officially ended the marriage with Ghislaine during the vitriolic call, and he clearly faults Ghislaine for the failed marriage.  

The Daily Mail source states Borgerson has moved on and is now seeing McGinn, the limber yoga instructor.  The source highlighted the fact that the marriage symbolized the power couple’s relationship at first, but it has since disintegrated.   

Borgerson refused to attend Ghislaine’s trial or to provide public comment to the media.  It appears as though the two have spoken their last words to one another now that Ghislaine has been found guilty of sex-trafficking young women with the now-dead Jeffrey Epstein.

Details About Borgerson

Borgerson and Maxwell tied the knot half a decade ago.  However, the marriage was kept a secret from the mainstream press in Britain and the United States as well as friends, family, and others.  Close family members of the British media heiress were not even made aware of the union.  The discrete tying of the knot was only prompted by legal impetus in 2020, when court papers revealed Borgerson attempted to free his wife with a nearly $30 million bail package.

An insider with the Daily Mail states Borgerson initially wanted to remain with Maxwell, yet her confinement prior to the dramatic trial made it impossible to maintain a relationship.  After all, Ghislaine had been in jail for nearly two consecutive years.  As a result, Borgerson moved on to his new relationship.   Borgerson and McGinn have been seen together in Massachusetts and elsewhere.  In fact, those who spotted the couple together are quick to reveal the couple engaged in public displays of affection with regularity.  Borgerson has also been photographed picking up his new flame in his sleek all-black BMW Mini Cooper and all-black Tesla S vehicle.  It is quite ironic that Borgerson is using the jet black Mini Cooper to pick up his new romantic flame, because it was Ghislaine’s ride of choice before she was apprehended by authorities for child sex-trafficking.  

Yoga Instructor

The Maxwell Family Continues to Support Ghislaine 

Ghislaine is clearly distraught by the guilty verdict and the fact that her husband failed to appear in court during her trial.  The question is whether she has been completely abandoned or has no support at all.  Though Ghislaine’s husband was not in court, her two sisters and brothers were, and still are, avid supporters.  Most who followed the trial are shocked that her siblings are still pushing for interviews with the mainstream media in the aftermath of Ghislaine’s conviction.  The siblings insist she is innocent and Jeffrey Epstein is the lone criminal in what seems to have been accurately described as a child sex-trafficking ring.

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According to the Daily Mail, “Her siblings remain loyal and united. They believe in her innocence and they believe that one day she will walk free.  They have put their own friendships, reputations, and business opportunities aside to support their sister. They believe she will prevail.”

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