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German Man Receives 90 Doses of Coronavirus Vaccine



German Man Receives 90 Doses of Coronavirus Vaccine

A 61-year-old man living in Germany has received nearly 90 doses of COVID-19 vaccine.  The man in question is clearly the most protected human being in the world in the context of fighting off the highly contagious coronavirus.  However, it appears as though he has ulterior motives.

The Logic in Getting Nearly 90 Doses of Coronavirus Vaccine

The unnamed individual who received 87 doses of the vaccine appears to have done so in an attempt to make money.  If reports are true, the man has been selling vaccination certificates.  The Magdeburg, Germany resident received his vaccination shots from vaccine centers in the eastern Saxony area across a period of several months. 

However, the man was caught in March after entering the same vaccination center two days in a row.  The man’s second consecutive request triggered the vaccine center manager into summoning the police.  An investigation revealed the man had been selling fake vaccination cards with legitimate vaccine batch numbers to individuals who did not want to receive the shot.


Three Vaccine Shots Per Day

The unnamed vaccine addict received three shots each day, compiling nearly 90 vaccine shots in Saxony.  The question is what sort of impact 87 vaccine shots will have on the man’s body.  The vaccine shots were from several different companies, making the impact of the shots in the long-term that much more interesting.

The police report details how the man used a new blank vaccination card each time he entered a vaccine center.  The man then deleted the pages with the vaccine batch number information and sold them to those who did not want to receive the injection yet wanted to participate in society as though they were fully vaccinated.

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It is particularly interesting that the unnamed man registered for the vaccine appointments with his personal information.  He even used his own birthdate, yet did not show his health insurance identification card after arriving for the shots.

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