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Georgia Cop Caught Having Sex Behind Squad Car in Viral TikTok



Georgia Cop Caught Having Sex Behind Squad Car in Viral TikTok

A cop in Georgia was thinking no one could possibly be watching, as he pulled his squad car off a quiet road in a small Georgia town and proceeded to walk around back and have sex with someone while he was still in uniform, police said.

The only problem with that: someone was watching! A worker on a nearby telecommunications tower started filming the dirty deeds and uploaded the videos to TikTok last week, which have since surpassed over 15 million views. Yeah, there were quite a few people watching, officer!

In one of the videos, the TikTok account captioned it, “Police caught on cam!!!” and used the hashtags #towerclimbers and #dirtydeeds. 

Millen Police Officer Larry “Benjamin” Thompson was identified as the officer in the video and Yahoo! News reported that he has quit since the video has gone viral. It’s also been reported that Thompson has quite a record of misconduct during his time with the force.

It looks like satellite maps from the area helped to find the same tower used to record the videos, which has a cemetery nearby and a school across the street. Millen Police Chief Dwayne Herrington said he was planning on meeting with Thompson on March 28, but that he quit beforehand, Yahoo! News stated. Thompson has worked on-and-off with the department since 2015.

In November 2019, Thompson was involved in a car crash while he was working. A 76-year-old driver was killed when Thompson t-boned his car while racing to a call at 86 miles per hour!

An investigation also took place when Thompson was working for the Millen fire department in 2017. At the time, it stated Thompson accidentally discharged his gun, and shot a colleague in the arm. Thompson claimed the gun malfunctioned while he was cleaning it. However, an internal investigation found the gun had no malfunctions. In the investigation, it states, “This is not an excuse to be accepted; only a reflection after the fact. Though it is referred to as an ‘accidental discharge,’ essentially it is a ‘negligent discharge.’”

The issues and investigations continued for Thompson, who was never actually fired for any of these issues. In 2020, a woman Thompson was in a relationship with contacted Millen Police and accused him of harassing her. He did admit to running her tags to find her new address, and claimed he was just trying to return some of her stuff to her, Yahoo! News reported.

At the time, he was suspended for two days. Thompson was back on the force and found someone new, as we saw in the video! It looks like this was the last straw, after Thompson quit.

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