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Formula 1 Driver Lewis Hamilton Poses as Astronaut on Dating App



The world’s biggest Formula One star is pretending to be an astronaut in an effort to find…or lust.  The racecar driver, Lewis Hamilton, created the profile on a dating app designed specifically for celebrities.  Though Hamilton is claiming to be an astronaut, he won’t be departing for Mars or any other intergalactic destination any time soon.

Hamilton’s Stint on Raya is Raising Eyebrows

Hamilton turned to the celebrity dating app Raya in an attempt to somewhat covertly hook up with a fellow superstar.  However, the most intriguing aspect of this story is his willingness to adopt a completely different occupation while using the app.  Instead of being himself and letting it be known he is looking for love, he created a new persona.  Hamilton fired up his account on the app shortly after parting ways with Camila Kendra.

Those who have checked out Lewis’s profile on the app report “Mercy” by Big Sean plays while his information is displayed.  The profile also includes modeling shots of the 37-year-old star driver.  Raya verifies love-seekers by linking to their account on the popular Instagram social media platform, meaning those using the app will likely be well aware of the fact that the account in question belongs to Hamilton.

Hamilton is not a new Raya User

Hamilton originally signed up for Raya nearly half a decade ago.  The Formula One star deactivated the app after connecting with Camila.  Now that the couple has split, Hamilton is back on the market and ready to swipe his way to love.  

The Raya app is unique in that it is designed for wealthy celebrities who are reviewed by a small membership committee.  It has been rumored that Channing Tatum and Cara Delevigne also use Raya.

Hamilton has frequently noted that his success as a racecar driver has interfered with his love life primarily because of the sport’s demanding travel schedule.  However, Hamilton has managed to date several high-profile women in recent years including the likes of Winnie Harlow, Kendall Jenner, Rita Ora, and Nicole Scherzinger.

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