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Florida Roofing Company Offers AR-15 and Turkey with Roof Purchase



Roofing company

A Florida roofing company has launched a unique promotion, titled “Roof and Gobble,” where customers who purchase a roof will receive an AR-15 and a turkey as part of the deal. Roof EZ, headed by its president, Jason Polly, views this offer as a way for homeowners to safeguard their properties with a new roof, bring their families together over a turkey, and provide an additional layer of protection with an AR-15.

Polly emphasized that the promotion is not politically motivated and is open to anyone, regardless of their state or political views. According to Polly, the goal is to promote safety, asserting that “everybody should have an AR-15” to protect their homes and families.

The “Roof and Gobble” promotion, launched in Cape Coral, Florida, has garnered significant interest. Within just two business days, the company has already sold eight roofs, with approximately 50 inquiries about the offer. Typically, Roof EZ sells between 30 to 50 roofs in a regular month, but Polly anticipates that this promotion will boost sales to a range of 60 to 100 roofs.

Legal representatives for the company have confirmed the promotion’s legality. Roof EZ has collaborated with a local gun store in Cape Coral for the distribution of the AR-15s.

Customers who take advantage of the promotion must wait until their roofing project is completed to receive the AR-15. Individuals with concealed carry permits can acquire the firearm immediately, which is valued at around $500. For those without permits, they will need to adhere to the three-day waiting period or the time required to pass a background check, in accordance with state law.

Polly emphasized the importance of following all the proper legal procedures before obtaining a firearm through this promotion. As of now, no comments have been received from the gun store in question or the Cape Coral police department regarding the promotion.

Roofing company

It’s worth noting that the AR-15 is a widely popular semi-automatic rifle in the United States, although it has also been involved in some of the country’s deadliest mass shootings.

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Polly expressed his hope that the gun store, which also operates a shooting range, will offer free shooting training to individuals who acquire the AR-15 through the “Roof and Gobble” promotion. He sees this endeavor as a means to support fundamental constitutional rights and advocates for the Second Amendment, asserting that those who can afford a new roof should also have the means to exercise their Second Amendment rights, similar to how he respects everyone’s First Amendment rights.

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