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Florida Men Face Federal Charges for Kidnapping and Torturing the Wrong Person



Florida Kidnapping

In a shocking turn of events, two siblings from Florida, along with an accomplice, have been apprehended and charged with federal offenses related to a botched kidnapping and torture incident. This distressing incident, characterized by a series of grave transgressions, was unveiled through court documents made public on Tuesday.

The incident took place on October 13th in Plantation, Florida, when a man stepped out of his residence and ventured into his apartment complex’s parking garage, sometime between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. It was there that he was confronted by three men identified as Jeffry Arista, Jonathan Arista, and Raymond Gomez. The trio menacingly brandished a firearm and forcibly directed the victim into a black vehicle equipped with police lights, as detailed in the complaint.

The victim’s ordeal escalated when Jeffry Arista initiated a conversation, pressuring the man to reveal his identity. It became evident that the kidnappers had mistakenly targeted him, as they rummaged through his wallet and scrutinized his identification. At this juncture, the kidnappers commenced an unsettling interrogation, inquiring about a coworker’s unauthorized use of the victim’s vehicle the previous Thursday and demanding knowledge of financial matters, referring to an alleged debt owed by the coworker.

In a terrifying twist, the complaint disclosed that the kidnappers resorted to intimidation tactics, placing an electric drill against the victim’s skin and menacing him with firearms pointed at his head. Subsequently, the victim was taken to an Airbnb apartment, where he was subjected to a horrifying ordeal. In one instance, the perpetrators led him to the bathroom, laid him down, and employed the distressing technique of waterboarding, causing profound distress to the victim.

Upon realizing their egregious mistake, the kidnappers convened to devise a plan to locate the actual target. This scheme entailed forcing the victim to contact the intended victim and make arrangements with him, as outlined in the complaint.

In a desperate ploy to attract law enforcement attention, the victim entered his coworker’s workplace on October 14th and falsely claimed to have a bomb, as suggested in the complaint. When the authorities arrived, one of the alleged kidnappers was positioned at a distance, videotaping the victim’s ordeal. The victim courageously pointed out to the authorities the individual responsible for his abduction.

Florida Kidnapping

Law enforcement pursued an extensive investigation into the incident, which ultimately led to the arrest of Raymond Gomez. Gomez reportedly admitted to his role in the misguided kidnapping.

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Jeffry Arista and Jonathan Arista made their initial appearances in federal court on kidnapping charges, occurring on Monday, while Gomez’s court appearance is yet to take place. The case has left the local community stunned, shedding light on a disturbing and reprehensible incident that unfolded within their midst.

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