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Florida Man Crushed to Death in a Porta Potty by a Bulldozer



Florida Man Crushed to Death in a Porta Potty by a Bulldozer

There’s no shortage of dangers to watch out for on a construction site. From construction vehicles that are traveling fast and hauling heavy equipment to debris falling as a result of ongoing construction projects, the hazards are constant. That’s why it’s important for anyone on a construction site to maintain a high level of awareness at all times. Not displaying such awareness can lead to a situation similar to one that killed a 40-year-old Florida man named Aaron Henderson. He was killed on a construction site after being crushed to death by a bulldozer while using a porta potty, according to authorities.

Ironically enough, Henderson’s role on the construction site was as a spotter. He was tasked with providing traffic control to incoming and outgoing dump trucks from the ground as they dropped trash into the nearby landfill, according to reports.

Apparently, the accident occured as the truck was beginning to wind down for the day. The driver of the bulldozer that ran over the porta potty immediately exited the vehicle and ran towards it to see if anyone was inside. That’s when he observed Henderson, who was non-responsive. While authorities are thoroughly investigating the death, initial reports lead to this being cited as a “tragic industrial incident.”

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was notified and is looking into this accident as well. A Chair of the Board of County Commissioners wrote in a statement, “Last night’s incident was a tragic accident. Our Board asks that you keep the family and friends of the deceased in your thoughts and prayers.” County manager Bill Beasly expressed his sentiments in a statement, saying “The landfill is a dynamic, industrial environment with movement of hundreds of trucks coming to unload heavy equipment at the Landfill all day long. We have never experienced anything like this here.” While some accidents can be avoided, others are just a matter of bad luck, which seems to be the case here.

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