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Five Fatally Shot in Mysterious Tragedy in Southeast North Carolina




Five individuals were tragically discovered fatally shot at a residence in southeastern North Carolina during the early hours of Thursday, as reported by Sampson County Sheriff Jimmy Thornton.

Local authorities responded to a distress call just before 1 a.m., leading them to the residence situated off Garland Highway outside Clinton, where they encountered a grim scene – five lifeless bodies bearing gunshot wounds.

At present, the investigative team remains in the dark regarding the identity of any potential suspects or the connections between the victims. Sheriff Thornton emphasized the perplexing nature of the case, given the lack of information about how the deceased individuals were acquainted.

The distressing events unfolded after a concerned individual dialed 911, having last spoken to one of the victims around 11 p.m. Subsequently, they made a visit to the residence, only to be confronted with the tragic discovery. The victims encompass four men and one woman, spanning an age range from their mid-30s to their 80s, according to Capt. Eric Pope, who conveyed this information during a news conference.


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Sheriff Thornton voiced his concern, underscoring the highly unusual and shocking nature of the incident, not only for the local community but for any community at large. He stressed that such occurrences should deeply trouble the collective conscience.

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