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Find Out How the Woman with Two Vaginas Makes It Work



Women, if you had two vaginas, would you consider it a blessing or a curse? You may not be sure how to answer that question, but maybe you’ll have a better idea after you hear Evelyn Miller’s story. 

Miller is an adult creator from Queensland, Australia who didn’t find out about her two-vagina situation until she was 20. Not only does she have two vaginas, but she also has two wombs. 

The 31-year-old began her career in the adult industry after a bad relationship. She used her unique situation to her advantage, dedicating one vagina to her professional work and the other to her personal life. 

“I worked as an independent escort for about seven years traveling around the world,” Miller explains. “I was able to use one vagina for work and one vagina for my personal life, which made the work a lot easier emotionally and physically for me.”

Today, Miller no longer works as an escort. She has since moved on to become an adult content creator at OnlyFans. Her current career path brings in $75,000 USD (54,829 Euros) each month. 

Miller attributes her success to her having two vaginas, but notes that it’s not all fun and games. For example, she needs to insert two tampons when she’s menstruating. She also has to have both tested for STDs during gynecological visits. She even has issues when it comes to where her partner can ejaculate during sex. 

Can She Have Babies?

You may wonder how Miller’s unique physiology affects her ability to have children. “Theoretically, I could carry two babies at once if I wanted- but it would be hard for my body, so we have had to be careful in that sense,” she explains. 

Each of Miller’s wombs are half the size of the average woman’s, which leaves less space for a baby to grow. A full-term pregnancy could be risky. 

However, Miller ended up becoming pregnant and decided to take the risk. She had to have a C-section, but recovered quickly. “I had my baby at 37 weeks in June 2021- a healthy little boy, though he weighed 5.5 pounds because he was growth restricted inside my small uterus. 

Miller is pregnant again and is carrying on her right side. Doctors are monitoring her and are planning a C-section at 36 weeks. 

Finding Out

Although Miller didn’t find out about her two vaginas until she was 20, she always knew something was up. 

“I always knew something was ‘wrong’ with me,” she explained. “I couldn’t get tampons to work. I would use a tampon and I would still bleed. When I was 14 and got my period, there wasn’t access to internet like there is now, and I lived on a farm with just my dad at that point.”

She finally found out what the issue was when she went to a doctor to terminate a pregnancy. 

“Then I had a pregnancy termination when I was 20, and in the hospital after the procedure I was told they ‘couldn’t find the embryo’. After an internal exam, they realized it was in my other uterus, which I didn’t know I had. 

What’s Sex Like? 

Life with two vaginas makes sex interesting for Miller. “Sex in each vagina feels very, very different. I prefer one side, but it depends on the position and shape of the guy as to which one I choose to have sex in,” she states. 

“Having two vaginas has made my sex life a lot of fun. We can have sex in one side and use a toy in another, and there are all sorts of positions and things I can try,” Miller goes on to say. 

“They both feel very different to me, so I’ve been finding out what I like and don’t like on each side. I don’t wish that I only had one vagina. Having two has made my sex life more fun, and I think It’s important to embrace all bodies- we can all be so different.”

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Well said Evelyn. We wish you the best of luck with your next pregnancy, and with life in general.

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