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FedEx Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Tennessee After Landing Gear Fails



Fedex Landing Gear

A FedEx plane narrowly avoided catastrophe during an emergency landing at a Tennessee airport when its landing gear malfunctioned, causing it to skid off the runway. Thankfully, all three crew members on board emerged unharmed from the incident.

The incident unfolded late Wednesday at Chattanooga Regional Airport when the FedEx Boeing 757 experienced landing gear failure shortly after takeoff. After circling for some time, the aircraft made its final descent but came to a rest beyond the runway within a safety area. While video footage captured sparks flying as the plane touched down, there was no fire, only smoke emanating from the engines.

The Chattanooga Fire Department commended the pilot, airport personnel, and all responding agencies for their well-coordinated efforts in averting a disaster.

According to a FedEx spokesperson, the flight was en route from Chattanooga to Memphis when the issue arose.

The National Transportation Safety Board has initiated an investigation into the incident, which involved a “gear up landing.”

Fedex Landing Gear

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The Chattanooga Airport temporarily closed its primary runway following the crash landing, and some flight schedules may be impacted as a result.

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