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Fearful JetBlue Passengers Beg To Deplane After Aborted Landings



Fearful JetBlue Passengers Beg Crew To Land Plane During A Series Of Aborted Landings

Restless passengers were hoping that a three hour plane ride from Cancun to New York was business as usual, but that wasn’t the case. A JetBlue flight was attempting to land the plane at JFK.

However, poor weather had thwarted their attempts. One passenger was captured on video begging the crew for the plane to land. He said that he and his family were getting scared to fly and he wanted to get off.

The flight was soon diverted to nearby Newark airport due to the conditions. However, the plane made a quick jump over to JFK after an hour, according to Derek Dombrowski, spokesman for JetBlue. Passengers were soon getting angry and scared, some of them getting sick.

Some passengers were even willing to get arrested just for speaking up, and it’s no secret that some of them were eager to get off the plane to go home. The rest of the passengers would soon voice their disapproval and their desire to disembark as well.

It’s no fun staying on a plane for longer than the scheduled flight. Flight crews and the pilots cannot control the weather, yet they do what they can to ensure the safety and security of their passengers.

However, the restless passengers on this flight may not have some good things to say about JetBlue. Especially after this experience. Some of them probably won’t plan on flying again unless it’s absolutely necessary. 

JetBlue did their best to make up for it by offering $50 in flight credits as their way of apologizing for the inconvenience. It’s unclear how many accepted their offer. We can guess that a lot of them probably told them to ‘shove it’.

If you have been on a plane longer than expected, you may feel anxious to get off. You want to get your bags, head home, and relax after a long day of travel. Not all flights are always this chaotic.

Yet, on this day in particular, JetBlue Flight 1852 didn’t have a good day in the skies. If you were on a flight that ended up being longer than expected, how would you feel? Would you accept something like flight credits as their way of saying sorry?

This video was jarring to watch. Hard to imagine being surrounded by angry passengers who just want to go through the motions of traveling, whether they are returning home or traveling to their destination.

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