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Father of the Year Award Goes to this Dad Who Made an Epic Scavenger Hunt Game on the London Underground for Son’s Birthday



Think you have gotten your kids some great birthday gifts in your time? Charlie Maguire may have outdone us all by creating a scavenger hunt game that took his son on a wild birthday adventure. 

Harrison Maguire, Charlie’s son, was coming up on his 10th birthday. When asked what he wanted, he told his father he just wanted to ride the train. Harrison is a train enthusiast, and, although the request may have made him happy, his father was determined to make the ride as special as possible. 

He created a scavenger hunt that involved going from station to station on the London Underground looking for clues. 

The pair set off from Rainham to the first stop at West Ham. The father planned ahead and had given the crew at that station the clue in advance. It asked Harrison what you’d use to wrap a birthday present as well as what cars drive on. Harrison guessed the correct answer, Bow Road, which took them to their next stop. 

The game carried on that way as the team traveled to London Bridge, Canary Wharf, Tower Hill, and more. 

Harrison’s father revealed that the boy has autism and ADHD and that the adventure helped to build his confidence. “It was really good for his independence. He had to take us to the right platform, work out what train we had to get on, and where we had to go. He was so happy about it. He’s still talking about it now,” Charlie said. 

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After the adventure was over, the father and son enjoyed lunch in Canary Wharf and later had dinner out on the West End. The boy was gifted with a canvas lit up with the underground stations mapping exactly where he and his father had been on their exciting day out.

Sounds like a great birthday to me!

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