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Famous Rapper Goes On Instagram To Say She Plans On Killing Herself



Famous Rapper Goes On Instagram To Say She Plans On Killing Herself

Chika, a famous 25-year-old American rapper, went on her Instagram stories and made claims that she would be ending her life, which left many of her fans concerned for the music star.

The rapper, whose actual name is Jane Chika Oranika, is from Montgomery, Alabama, and works for Warner Records. She was actually nominated for Best New Artist at the 2021 Grammy Awards and has gained a lot of fame and fans along the way.

Despite all of that, Chika has been very vocal about her struggles with mental health issues. In fact, she has recently gone on her Instagram stories and revealed that she wanted to end her life.

In the stories, Chika described her plans of doing it, GeeksUltd. reported. In the stories, she said she wanted to commit suicide to gain “internal peace” and she even attempted to jump from the Intercontinental rooftop. However, she wasn’t able to do it because she was afraid of the metal stairs. She went on to say this was “a thing of having a fucked up brain.” Chika went on to say that as hard as she tries to free herself from life, there is always something to hold herself back.

In other stories, Chika said that people would find her body on different streets and she just doesn’t care anymore.

Meanwhile, it seems like no one knows where Chika is right now. Police were informed of the situation and went to Chika’s apartment to perform a welfare check, but she was not there, according to TMZ. However, Chika has stated she will not be coming back home.

Back in 2021, Chika deactivated her Twitter and people were concerned for her wellbeing then also. However, a few days later she returned to social media and stated that Cardi B had saved her. At the time, she stated she wanted to retire from the music industry as she was unable to cope with it all.

This is a very serious issue, and it seems like her fans are having mixed reactions over the ordeal. Some fans are worried about her situation and sympathizing with her and praying for her. They are hoping her closest friends and family reach out to her and can help her.

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There are others saying this is all a stunt by Chika, and an attempt to gain attention and sympathy from the audience. Fans are coming to her defense though and saying she is not seeking attention, but instead asking for help. The important thing is that she gets the help she needs right now.

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