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Facts About the Missing Couple Found Dismembered In Mexico




Recently, a couple raising a family in El Paso took a vacation to visit family in Juarez, Mexico. Unfortunately, they left behind three children due to their violent and brutal murders. Both women were just 28 years old at the time of their demise. The two victims were a married couple who went by the names of Yulizsa Ramirez and Nohemi Medina Martinez. Their remains were discovered on Sunday, the 16th of January. The couple resided just a short drive away from the Texas town where they were raising their three children, in Ciudad Juarez. Following their murders, their bodies were discovered by authorities along the Juarez-El Porvenir highway according to multiple news sources. Apparently, their bodies were found roughly 17 miles apart from one another. The murders were assumed to be a hate crime. 

Fears are widespread amongst the LGBT community that their murders will go unsolved since there are often many crimes against members of the LGBT community in Mexico. According to the State Attorney Generalof Chihuahua, Roberto Javier Fierro Duarte, in a news release, “In this case, the investigation lines are linked to the economic activity that both victims carried out and with the people they related to in that environment.” This development helps ease the concerns of members of the LGBT community. The State Attorney General’s office also shared that the investigation is following “special protocols” given the sensitivity of the case and to help avoid “criminalization” of the victims.” Since the investigation is moving “very far ahead”. Concerns about crimes going unsolved are fair, considering the fact that 92% of violent crimes including homicides go unsolved according to academic research. 

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Among the places where murders are the highest in Mexico, Ciudad Juarez, the city where the murder of the young couple occurred, is near the top. Numerous murders of women have taken place in Ciudad Juarez in the recent past. That includes the murder of nine other women since the beginning of 2022, alone. According to statistics shared by the Chihuahua State Office of the Attorney General, 1,424 of the 2,476 homicides that occurred during the course of 2021, occurred within the city of Ciudad Juarez. That breaks down to an average of four murders a day. As far as the causes of the murders, much of the blame is placed on smaller drug gangs in the area. According to the Washington Post, gang activity in the area peaked with a bloody 2010 battle stemming from disputes over drug trafficking routes into the U.S. That year saw Ciudad Juarez become one of the deadliest cities in the world, after accumulating more than 3,000 murders. On Tuesday, the 18th of January, 2022 a march was held through downtown Juarez where attendees carried torches in remembrance of the unsolved murder of a woman’s rights activist by the name of Isabel Cabanillas. According to the El Paso Times, she was shot and killed in January 2020, unfortunately,  a disturbing trend. Hopefully the murders of Yulissa Ramirez and Nohemi Medina Martinez being solved can help mark the beginning of the end of the violence in Juarez.

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