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Escape Attempt by Kaitlin Marie in Elite Cyclist’s Case Shakes Texas Courtroom



Kaitlin Marie

On Wednesday, Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, 35, who is facing murder charges in the killing of elite cyclist Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson in Austin in May 2022, made an escape attempt while in custody, according to officials.

Armstrong had been transported to a doctor’s appointment, and as she was being escorted back, she made a run for it, revealed Travis County Sheriff spokesperson Kristen Dark. She managed to cover about a block and a half before being apprehended by two corrections officers. The entire incident unfolded within roughly 10 minutes.

Following her escape attempt, Armstrong was taken to a local hospital for a checkup, where she was determined to be in satisfactory condition. She was then returned to the jail. Dark noted that Armstrong will face additional charges for her escape attempt, but as of Thursday morning, her online booking information had not been updated with these new charges.

NBC News reached out to Armstrong’s attorney for comment, but there was no immediate response.

The murder case involves the fatal shooting of Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson, a 25-year-old mountain biking and gravel racer. Wilson was found shot multiple times in an Austin home on May 11, 2022. She had traveled to Texas to participate in a race in Hico, located southwest of Fort Worth.

A week after Wilson’s death, Armstrong fled the country using a fraudulent passport. She was eventually captured in Costa Rica and brought back to the United States to face charges.

Kaitlin Marie

Authorities have indicated that both Armstrong and Wilson were romantically linked to the same man, professional cyclist Colin Strickland. Armstrong had been in a relationship with Strickland for approximately three years before they took a break. During this period, Strickland and Wilson began seeing each other. Strickland later confirmed to the Austin-American Statesman that he and Wilson had a “brief romantic relationship” from late October to early November in the year Wilson visited Austin. This occurred while both had recently ended previous relationships, and he and Armstrong reconciled one month later.

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An unnamed friend of Armstrong stated that they were present in January when Armstrong learned about the relationship between Strickland and Wilson. The friend recounted that Armstrong “became furious and was shaking in anger” upon hearing the news.

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