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Eight Abducted Children Found in California Parking Lot, Mother Arrested




Over the weekend, California police discovered eight children who had been abducted from Arkansas in the parking lot of a restaurant and subsequently arrested the children’s mother, Trista Fullerton, 36. Fullerton is accused of kidnapping her children from their foster homes after losing custodial rights, as reported by the Anderson Police Department in California.

Trista Fullerton, a resident of Rogers, Arkansas, is currently held in custody at the Shasta County Jail in Redding, California. It remains uncertain whether she has legal representation to speak on her behalf.

The incident unfolded when Anderson police responded to a call in the restaurant parking lot at approximately 12:30 a.m. on Saturday, prompted by an individual’s observation of a “woman displaying bizarre behavior.” A welfare check was requested for Fullerton and the six children accompanying her. The family was found to have connections to a Dodge pickup truck bearing an Arkansas license plate, according to the police news release.


Upon investigation, officers discovered that Fullerton had a felony warrant for her arrest in Arkansas, relating to the abduction of eight children. She was taken into custody, and during subsequent questioning, law enforcement learned that the other two children were located in a residence in the vicinity of Cottonwood, California. The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office assisted in retrieving the two children from the residence.

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All eight children have been placed in the care of the Shasta County Children and Family Services and will be reunited with their guardians in Arkansas, authorities confirmed. The specific timing of the alleged abductions has not been disclosed.

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