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Doing a Good Deed Every Day Since the Start of the Pandemic – One Teen’s Mission



The start of the pandemic was, to say the least, a low point in recent history. In 2020, many found themselves stuck inside, with their moods beginning to dwindle rapidly. COVID-19 had taken the globe by storm, and it drove many to lower lows than they’d ever experienced.

Hopelessness began to set in. The last two years have experienced record highs in terms of mental health disorders. Darkness weighed on the world, and it seemed like nothing could be done.

One inspiring teen proved to the world that even in these low times, making others happy was still possible. Sebbie Hall, an 18-year-old in the UK, made it his goal to do at least one good deed a day to help lift the spirits of those around him.

At first, Sebbie’s goal was smaller than what it would eventually become. He wanted to give his iPad to a friend who had limited access to communication. During a time in which we couldn’t visit others in person, this selfless act could mean the world to a person. When he consulted his mother, Ashley Hall, about the idea, she suggested he do something a little more ambitious. Rather than giving his iPad to his friend, Ashley suggested that Sebbie help his friend purchase the device that they needed. This small idea would snowball into one of the most beautiful acts of kindness the world would know.

Sebbie’s charity mission turned into a 10-day challenge. Each day, Sebbie would carry out an act of kindness, sponsored by a donor. The goal was to raise money for charities, with the 10th day being dedicated to Sebbie buying his friend the device they needed to stay in touch with loved ones.

At the end of the challenge, Sebbie decided that 10 days of kindness wasn’t enough. He loved making people smile, and he loved spreading happiness in a time of uncertainty. Sebbie’s random acts of kindness continued.

“He bought this friend a device at the end of the 10 days, but since he enjoyed watching other people smile, he then wanted to continue,” his mother, Ashley, said.

Sebbie, without argument, is a special individual. The teen struggles with physical and learning disabilities, and his main goal was to help others like him. The charities he donated to at the beginning of his campaign helped him raise money to help other disabled children from feeling lonely during these hard times. His kindness has helped him, too. Sebbie’s communication skills and confidence have grown since taking on his inspiring project.

Acts of kindness can be just about anything, as long as it makes someone smile. Sebbie has done it all. At first, the acts were small. They consisted of handing out Easter eggs and lotto tickets, little things to spark joy in stranger’s lives. Since the beginning, though, his acts have grown in scale.

Sebbie has helped water people’s plants, taken out their trash for them, and given small gifts as tokens of kindness. More recently, though, he has taken on larger challenges. He has completed nine different two-mile runs, giving roses to strangers as he runs. Joggers have run alongside him in a show of solidarity too!

During the month of November, he collected unused pumpkins, and took them to food banks so they could be used to feed those in need. Throughout December he donated toys to eight different childrens’ homes, and handed out ‘reindeer food’ to families in the street.

By doing all of these sponsored acts, Sebbie has been able to raise over $50,000, and help 300 families get devices for their disabled children. He’s also sponsored a disabled rugby team. Sebbie’s dreams of helping others won’t be ending anytime soon, though.

“I feel lucky to be going out and meeting so many children,” Sebbie has said. He has been selected for the World Compassion Award, which is a major recognition for all of the work he has done.

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His work is far from over, though. Currently, he is setting up the Sebbie Hall Kindness Foundation. Through donations, Sebbie will be able to continue to spread joy through random acts of kindness for years to come. Sebbie is an inspiration to us all, and we should all strive to be more like him.

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