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Desperate Man Goes Attempts to Find a Wife with Subway Banners




A bachelor living in London is going to great lengths to find a romantic flame. The man in question, age 31, has rented out several sections of the Oxford Circus subway station in London to make it clear that he is interested in finding a wife.  

The banners, strategically positioned along the subway walls, display Bhachu wearing a pink suit and searching for a love interest.  Though some have accused Bhachu of putting up the banners in an effort to draw attention to his social media accounts, he insists he is genuinely looking for a woman willing to marry him.  

A Desperate Man Resorts to Desperate Measures

Bhachu claims he is advertising in the London subway as the ongoing pandemic has made traditional dating a challenge.  Instead of using online dating apps and attempting to find a woman who is serious about love through other means, Bhachu has adopted a more in-your-face approach with his subway banners.

One of the advertisement banners reads, “Best Indian you’ll takeaway”, making reference to Bhachu’s Indian ethnicity.  The bachelor is a marketing professional so it only makes sense that he would market himself in such a public manner.  

It is especially interesting to note that the advertisements put Bhachu in hot water with the Transport for London.  The group insisted the advertisement broke its rules regarding advertising, yet eventually succumbed to the request.

Why the Subway?

Bhachu gave a couple interviews about his quest for love, noting he initially planned on advertising his desire for a wife using outdoor banners.  He ended up selecting the subway station for his ads because they generated much more attention from individuals waiting for trains.  All in all, the display of the subway banners for two weeks set Bhachu back about $2,600.  

His unorthodox approach worked, and gave Bhachu his choice of 50+ women who quickly responded to the ads.  However, one must question the women’s motives as some of them are likely smitten with the bachelor for his financial standing as opposed to his character and personality.  After all, most men don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on advertisements designed to attract single women.  

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Bhachu is well aware of the fact that the ads are likely to generate attention from gold diggers.  He states, “For me, even to just get one genuine response is what the aim is.  I’m not looking for hundreds, I’m just looking for ‘the one’”.

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