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Deer Charges into Noodles & Company in Beloit, Wisconsin




A startling incident disrupted a quiet dining experience at Noodles & Company in Beloit, Wisconsin, when an unexpected visitor, in the form of a deer, came charging through the restaurant’s window on a Tuesday afternoon.

Surveillance footage captured the deer’s abrupt entrance, causing diners to hastily vacate their seats. The adventurous animal proceeded to explore both the dining area and kitchen before making its exit through the back door, which was courteously opened by a quick-thinking employee, according to Noodles & Company spokesperson Stephanie Jerome.


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Thankfully, no one suffered any injuries during this unexpected intrusion. The restaurant, following a thorough cleaning, has since resumed normal operations. To mark the unusual incident, the establishment even offered a special promotion titled “2 Buck Mac & Cheese” on the following day.

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