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Customers Accused Las Vegas Eatery of Tainting Food with THC



A Thai restaurant in Sin City allegedly added THC to its entrees and other tasty delights.  THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana.  Several news outlets have reported customers who dined at the Las Vegas restaurant indicate their food contained THC that made them feel high, dizzy, and sick.  The reports were confirmed by the Southern Nevada Health District this past Friday.

“Unusual” Illnesses

Nevada health officials are now analyzing the events that led up to the “unusual” sickness that occurred throughout the valley.  Those who dined at the city’s Secret of Siam restaurant reported elevated heart rates, numbness in their limbs, disorientation, diminished vision, and even the loss of consciousness.  The restaurant is located on Centennial Center Boulevard.  However, when local reporters reached out to the restaurant by phone, it rang without answer.  The eatery has been closed since the middle of February.

The Las Vegas Police Department is still receiving new complaints about illness suffered after dining at Secret of Siam, so it appears as though the restaurant was poisoning diners all the way through the second week of the month.  The Valley’s Health District is requesting that those who dined in the establishment in January visit their website in order to complete a survey.  

A Surprising Twist of Fate

Locals had been fond of the Thai restaurant, since it has served up tasty items in prior years.  Secret of Siam initially opened its doors in 2019.  The restaurant received positive reviews all the way through the end of 2021, until things took a turn for the worse.  

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KTNV-TV in the valley performed an in-depth analysis of the restaurant’s track record of food safety and found it passed inspection reports each year without flaw.  However, the allegations that the restaurant’s food is tainted with THC will likely be the nail in the coffin that keeps the establishment closed for good.

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