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Cruise Ship Passenger Gets Trapped in Waterslide Suspended Over the Ocean



Cruise Ship

A woman who paid a considerable amount of money to take a vacation cruise ended up regretting the decision after becoming stuck within a waterslide.  The slide was suspended above the ocean and was clearly flawed in design.  The unnamed passenger slid down the waterslide only to be stuck at its midpoint where she had an amazing view of the ocean.  

The Viral Moment No One Wants

Video footage of the unfortunate event has received in excess of 15 million views on TikTok.  The clip is captioned “When the looping slide fails” in reference to the waterslide’s fallible design.  Readers can find footage of the comical yet somewhat sad “fail” by searching TikTok for the handle of the travel agent who uploaded the footage: @YMGTravels.  

The dramatic waterslide fail occurred on the Ocean Loops slide aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship.  Though the footage does not reveal which specific ship the event occurred on, social media users who added hashtags to the video suggest it was the cruise line’s 1,000+ foot Encore ship that has the world’s largest race track on a water vessel along with a laser tag arena with an Atlantis theme.  

The double-loop, closed-tube ride guides fun-seekers from the ship’s top deck down over the sea prior to moving back toward the base, making the ride similar to a roller coaster above the water.

The footage of the event is uneventful until the female cruise-goer makes it to the final turn.  It is here where she becomes stuck as she lacks the momentum necessary to move through the corkscrew.  The lack of momentum causes the slider to move backward and become embedded within a transparent portion of the slide.  

A Happy Ending

The video ends with a view of the stuck rider attempting to move back toward the slide’s starting point.  Several vacationers watched the event unfold from their nearby positions, expressing shock throughout the fiasco.

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Commenters on the video indicate the cruise ship waterslide drama came to a close with the passenger exiting the slide.  Thankfully, the woman was able to depart the slide without assistance from emergency services.  She exited on her own through the slide’s door.

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