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A Congolese Man Proved That Good Things Come in Threes as He Marries Triplets



Congolese man

What some guys would consider a dream is a Congolese man’s reality. The Congolese man in question, Luwizo, reportedly met his first wife named Natalie who soon after introduced him to her identical twin sisters Nadege and Natasha who were equally as enamored with Luwizo as Natalie. Fortunately for them, the feeling from Luwizo was mutual. After a while, the sisters who reportedly “shared everything together” made the proposal to him under the condition that he had to agree to marry all of them instead of just one. 

Even though photos of the love square’s happy wedding are being widely circulated online, not everyone was happy about the wedding. Luwizo’s parents stood in staunch opposition of their son’s polygamist wedding which they deemed “sacriligous”. Regardless, that didn’t stop Luwizo from going through with the marriage. The fact that Luwizo’s parents didn’t even attend the ceremony doesn’t seem to phase him much either. He says, “You have to lose something to gain something” The opinions of other people, even his family, are irrelevant. “So I’m happy to marry the triplets no matter what others think,” he continued. Whether or not the unusual marriage passes the test of time will be an interesting development for everyone involved. Needless to say, the happy quartet is hoping for the best. 

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If more photos circulate around the internet displaying tri-nuptuals that are still happy in a few years, it wouldn’t be surprising if more of these types of weddings increased in popularity in the future.

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