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Colorado Tourist Dies After Falling Into Rapids at Grand Canyon



Colorado Tourist Dies After Falling Into Rapids at Grand Canyon

Getting away from it all and spending some time in nature is something that could help most people, and there’s no better place to do that than Arizona. There’s no shortage of scenery and nature to explore in Arizona. From the deserts to the canyons, there are sights in The Copper State that are indescribable, and that’s what leads people to go sightseeing throughout the state. Tragically, a 68-year old Colorado tourist named Mary Kelley died as a result of powerful river turbulence at the intersection of the Red Canyon with the Hance Rapid, when boating last Thursday around 11 in the morning.

She was traveling through the Grand Canyon National Park at the time of the accident. The stretch of the Colorado River she was traveling on was described in a statement as “highly technical and powerful”. According to reports, she fell victim to debris while boating due to a flash flood that occurred while she was in the river.

While she was still in the water, other members of a different private boating trip pulled her from the water. Afterward, they attempted to administer CPR, as did park rangers who were flown onto the scene, but both parties were unable to resuscitate her. Even though the incident is still under investigation, park officials say she was on the 9th day of a multi-day boating trip on the day of the accident.

Even though further information is unavailable at this time, Kelley’s accident should serve as a warning to others who may potentially be traveling to the Grand Canyon in the near future. Staying aware of your surroundings could be the difference between having a good time and not being able to see your loved ones again.

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