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Christopher Haynes Finally Apprehended in Maryland



Christopher Haynes

Officials have announced the recapture of a man who had eluded authorities for over six weeks after his escape from a hospital in Washington, D.C. The fugitive, Christopher Haynes, was originally apprehended in connection with a murder case. He was finally apprehended on Thursday in Oxon Hill, Maryland, just outside of Washington, thanks to the efforts of a U.S. Marshals Service regional task force, who managed to detain him at approximately 10:30 a.m.

The dramatic escape occurred on September 6th, around 3:30 p.m., when Haynes managed to break free from George Washington University Hospital, as reported by the Washington Metropolitan Police Department. It was the same day he had been taken into custody in Manassas, Virginia, for his alleged involvement in the murder of Brent Hayward, who had tragically lost his life in a fatal shooting outside a Northeast Washington convenience store on August 12th.

Following his initial arrest on September 6th, Haynes complained of ankle pain and was subsequently transported to a hospital for medical attention, as detailed by the police. It was during this hospital stay that an unexpected turn of events transpired. While an officer was in the process of replacing one of Haynes’ handcuffs with a gurney restraint, the fugitive physically assaulted the officer and managed to escape from the hospital with one handcuff still securely fastened to his right wrist, as per a statement from the police.

Christopher Haynes

This audacious escape set off an extensive manhunt, involving multiple law enforcement agencies, which scoured the vicinity of the hospital. The incident also led to a temporary lockdown at George Washington University and the temporary closure of nearby areas around the White House in a bid to apprehend Haynes.

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As the recaptured fugitive is brought back into custody, he is expected to face charges for both the murder of Brent Hayward and the daring escape from the hospital.

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