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Chris Rock Refuses to Discuss Oscar Slap Unless He Gets a Payday



Chris Rock Refuses to Discuss Oscar Slap Unless He Gets a Payday

Comedian Chris Rock has not yet discussed the slap seen around the world, he has indicated he might be willing to do so if paid for an interview.  The comedian revealed his stance on the matter in front of a live audience this past Friday. Rock insists he won’t discuss the Oscars slap unless he receives financial compensation.  In other words, Rock won’t give his side of the story until a media outlet ponies up a significant amount of cash for an interview.  

Will Rock Receive His Payday?

Rock’s request for payment to discuss the famous slap was made during a comedy set in Indio, CA.  Rock has briefly referenced the slap during his comedy sets, yet he has not discussed it in significant detail.  

The crowd at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino gave Rock a standing ovation after his latest comedy show.  He hasn’t had any trouble selling out shows throughout the country after the Oscars fiasco.

Though Rock refuses to provide much information about the slap in terms of whether he feels it was justified or if it was a choreographed stunt designed to generate attention, he has acknowledged that his health is fine after the incident.  He also mentioned that his hearing has returned.  

A Multimillion Dollar Interview Might Be on the Horizon

A couple of months from now,  you will likely find Rock engaged in a sit-down interview with a celebrity gossip show or news network.   The question is how much an interview with Rock is really worth.  

Some Hollywood insiders insist the comedian has likely received several offers for a sit-down and turned them down, to hold out for more money.  If Rock plays his cards right, he just might end up making seven figures from a nationally televised interview.  Rock’s take on Will Smith’s punishment in the form of a decade-long ban from the Oscars would undoubtedly generate high ratings.

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