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Chinese Weather Officials Heighten Alerts Following Deadly Tornado




In the aftermath of a violent tornado that claimed the lives of 10 people in China’s eastern province of Jiangsu, state media reported that Chinese weather authorities have increased warnings about heavy rain and strong winds in several regions.

This recent tragedy, occurring within weeks of destructive and deadly weather events, has prompted authorities to issue a call for increased vigilance, particularly against strong winds in coastal areas near the Yellow Sea off Jiangsu.

Tuesday’s tornado, while brief, was incredibly fierce, with social media flooded with images of overturned vehicles, fallen power lines, and airborne debris. Much of this debris scattered across the streets of Suqian, a city in the northern part of Jiangsu province.

One user on the popular social media platform Weibo shared their experience, saying, “I was at the door and witnessed the wind, solar energy devices, and trees flying in the air. For those two minutes, I was dumbfounded.”

According to the national broadcaster CCTV, the tornado affected two areas in Jiangsu province, Suqian and Yancheng. In Suqian, the tornado struck suddenly in a densely-populated area, resulting in the tragic deaths of five people and severe injuries to four others. It also caused extensive damage to 1,646 homes and devastated acres of crops.

The tornado then moved on to Yancheng, where it claimed the lives of five more people and injured four additional individuals, as reported by CCTV.


On Wednesday, weather warnings were also issued for various regions, including the southwestern region of Chongqing, multiple areas in southwestern Guizhou, southern Hunan, eastern Anhui, and central Hubei.

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China’s southeast recently experienced torrential rain, leading to massive evacuations, landslides, and fatalities, all brought about by relentless storms associated with the remnants of Typhoon Haikui.

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